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When you are looking to buy your next property, you need someone to understand your needs and requirements.

Your North East Real Estate agent will take the time to really get to know your needs. If we don’t have the right property for you now you won’t be forgotten. Once in our system be it from an open home you have visited or any enquiry you will receive updates to any property that meets your criteria. You don’t even need to call us for this. Just register for our property alerts and you will be kept updated.

We are here to take you through every step of the way. So, whether you are buying your first home or investment property right through to our flippers and property developers we will help you understand what is happening and why. We co-ordinate all needed inspections on the property you are looking to buy. Take the time to run through the contract of sale and your rights and responsibilities. As we are not lawyers and you should always seek legal advice from a qualified person, but we are here to help.

We will never disclose your offer to other buyers. North East Real Estate prides itself on having the highest ethical and moral standards. Just because something is not illegal doesn’t make it right. We do not conduct silent auctions. We do not use your offer to drive up other buyers offers and the price.

Once we receive an offer on a property we will work with you exclusively until you have either purchased the property or negotiations have ended and you were not able to purchase the property we will move onto the next interested buyer in line. If multiple offers were to come in on a property we will set a deadline of a date and time by which all offers must be in and they must be the final offer. Final offer is the amount you are happy to lose the property at. All offers will then be presented to the Vendor for them to choose. Once we know the outcome all parties will be notified. You will not be kept waiting in the unknown.

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